Bayit B’Tet Vav To Be Permanent Home of Growing Kehilla

At a festive Kiddush this past Shabbat, Rabbi Zalman and Chana Traxler announced the purchase of Bayit B’Tet Vav, the former event center, as the new home for the growing Artists Quarter Minyan.

It has been a year since the AQM restored the former Shaarei Binah Seminary. It is now a bustling center of community life, housing a shul, a men’s kolel, a women’s kolel, a vintage clothing shop for women, and a steady stream of community events.

Founded in 2017 by the Traxlers and Rabbi Zalman Nelson as “Chabad by the Galleries”, it was designed to be a shul for the growing number of Anglos in Tzfat where custom and language were not barriers. As their numbers grew, so did the need for educational, cultural, and spiritual services.

Masters at community organizing, they started a popular, weekly shuk featuring local artisans and hosting gatherings giving emerging local musicians a performance venue. With a growing group of young families, they established a dedicated space for kids, a library and study pods.

Along with an enthusiastic and loyal membership, AQM has extended itself to the greater community. They have produced several free, well-attended public concerts, and regularly feature local musicians and artists. After an economically challenging year for everyone, they distributed 100,000 shekels in cash, food cards and clothing vouchers to the community.

With a growing chevre and an ambitious programming schedule, the Traxlers kept their eyes open for a bigger building they could own. Bayit B’Tet Vav is in the heart of the Artists Quarter, and the perfect building for a growing shul and community center.

After months of negotiation, a generous donor came forward, and the building was secured. As a popular event venue, the building comes with a state-of-the-art kitchen, a spacious indoors, and a huge outside space with a magnificent view of Meron. It’s presence will bring community life back to what was once a thriving area and destination for locals and guests. While they plan a gradual move, a festive Shavuot in their new digs seems likely.

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