Mazal Arrives at the Traxlers

Updated: Mar 10

B"H Zalman and I named our precious daughter Mazal Tov on the 11th of Shvat.

We merited to name her after my illustrious grandmother, Mazal Tov Benhiyoun Albo. Crazy enough two Friday’s ago - a few days after the official due date, Zalman took our oldest, Ohr Yosef to the cemetery rev Shabbos.

While I was finishing Shabbos preparations I was thinking to myself that if we have a girl, Hashem should send us sign to name her Mazal tov. Low and behold, Zalman came home and tells me that he chanced upon a woman’s kever named Mazal tov.

She was the wife of Rabbi Alazar Azkari - one of the gabbi and big talmid of the Ari and also the daughter of Rabbi Avraham Beirav and granddaughter of Rabbi Yaakov Beirav. Of course Mazal is a common Moroccan name but it’s rare to find a Mazal Tov. Mind you, Zalman is a frequent visitor to the cemetery and has passed this kever many times but Hashem made him notice it only that day.

I can share endlessly about my Savta.

Here are just a few things that I have been thinking about.

Her absolute love of life. She had the most contagious laugh. Her whole body became one with her joy. The whole room lit up with everyone in it.

Her simple love and fear of G-d. We learn in Chassidus that a simple love and fear of Hashem is actually reflected in the highest and deepest bond a soul can experience. Loving and fearing G-d is a simple human experience. She encompassed that.

I can’t skip out on her unbelievably sharp, unapologetic and quick personality.

Thank you Savta for being a part of my life. I merited to be with you in the last moments of your life and now merited to name our daughter for you. ️

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