Unique Naomi Kruper: Tzfat's new city liaison

Updated: Mar 4

When the Municipality of Tzfat hired Unique Naomi Kruper as its liaison to the Anglo community, they could not have made a better choice. The job had been vacant for several months, and olim were feeling the disconnect.

Known for her engaging personality, willingness to help with the most challenging of issues, and fierce love for all things connected to the city, Unique is an oleh of over ten years, bilingual, and has deep resources throughout the city. Together with her husband Nachman and partner Nachman Malul, they own and operate Cafe Bella, an artisan bakery that is a center of activity for the entire community.

Wife, mother, friend, business owner and devoted community activist, the entire city is fortunate to have her in this vital position.

For the few who do not know Unique, hear her define her role and share her vision for a thriving Tzfat.

" When I arrived in the magical city of Tzfat from Los Angeles 11 years ago, I felt like a character in a Harry Potter book. I walked through the cobblestone alleyways, all the while feeling like I had been here before. I felt at home in the Anglo community and knew I wanted this to be my home.

Being part of a strong, united community is my goal. The city has so much to offer and helping olim- new and old- adjust to life here is a priority.

We are a city rooted in history, spirituality, art and a tradition of welcoming the stranger. But it is the people who sustain it. My goal is to make the transition to Israeli life easier, and to find ways to nurture our growing group of Olim into a successful life here.

Mayor Shuki Ohana has a great interest in serving us. Plans are being made to provide more resources- including cultural, recreational and educational events, as well as establishing a community center. Families play an integral role in our future, and concerts and outings, along with targeted chesed projects are all in development.

I am very grateful to G-d for giving me this opportunity to give back to the city I love so much. Helping olim, and encouraging new Israelis to make their home here is at the core of what I love, and I am excited about what the future means for all of us.

My job is to be at your service- reach out to me with any problem- big or small. If I don't have the answer, we will find one together.

I am so blessed to call Tzfat my home. Together we can make Tzfat the best that it can be."

Contact her at Unique@zefat.muni.il or 04-692-7411.

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